St Joseph has arrived!
Come and see.
Bookings will be required for Lent and Easter services.  

We must maintain a 4sqm distance in church, which can be done at St Paul's if we sit in alternate rows (as we have been doing) and limit ourselves strictly to:

  • 3 unrelated persons per pew: 1 at each end and 1 in the middle
  • 2 related persons per pew: 1 couple at each end
  • 1 related family per pew:  if the family is small (parents and 1 or 2 children) then 1 more unrelated person could sit at the other end of the pew, otherwise, just the family.
The booking system will automatically block 2 seats between bookings (applied after you finalise your booking) so you don't need to do anything extra.  You will be able to see which seats have been blocked out (shaded) so just book your seats where the system shows availability.

Masks must be worn in church at all times by anyone older than 12 years of age.  The mask may be pulled down to consume the Sacred Host at Holy Communion, of course.  

Please make every effort to be on time for Mass.  With bookings in place, it is important that we try to accommodate everyone who wants to attend, but latecomers will not be admitted after the start of Mass to permit the welcomers at the doors to take their own places in the church.  Thus, the doors will be closed once Mass begins.

St Paul's weekend Mass times

Saturday:  4:30pm and 6pm
Sunday:  9am and 4:30pm


 We are now able to live-stream our Masses and other services!  You can either watch them live at the given times, or watch the recording at your leisure.  To view past recordings go to the MASS VIDEOS page.  There is a link in the menu bar at the top of this page.


Click here to watch videos of previous Weekend Masses 

These videos can also always be found by going to VIMEO.COM
then typing in the search bar:
St Pauls Weekday Mass
St Pauls First Saturday
St Pauls Weekend Mass

From Saturday 5th December all public establishments need to keep a register of attendees in accordance with new state decrees.  A very effective way to do this is using the SafeWA QR Code Reader.
All parishioners are asked to download this App onto their mobile devices.    
A parishioner should open the app and create an account as an individual.  It requires a 10 character password to be used.  Then it is ready to go.  When arriving at church (or any venue) the parishioner simply opens the SafeWA app, and points it at the QR code.  It automatically accesses the camera of your mobile device.  This will scan the QR code of the premises.  It then asks if you have another person with you so you can input their details as well. 
Here at church, our code is posted in several places in both entrances, and also on the Presbytery verandah.  
When the SafeWA app scans the code, it will register the user as being present at that venue at that time.  The information is kept by the Government for 28 days and is then automatically deleted.  For those without mobile devices, or anyone who refuses to use the app, their names will be entered into a register at the church entry, noting time and date of visit.  Children 16 and younger do not need to be registered.  Here is what a QR code looks like:

Recommencing 2021

Current Topic:  Pope Benedict XVI's Jesus of Nazareth
Earlier Bible Study videos can be found on the PAST VIDEOS page in the menu bar. 

Recommencing Wednesday 2021

  Fr Alfred McBride's Essentials of the Faith
  Previous RCIA videos can be found on the 
PAST VIDEOS page in the menu bar.

 FORMED instructions

For excellent Catholic movies, talks, programs and much more, to nurture our faith while we cannot attend Mass. 


Go to EWTN for the readings/psalm/Gospel of the day:

https://www.ewtn.com/catholicism/daily-readings or on Formed there is also a section called Opening The Word where the reader can click on A Prayer Journal to access the Sunday readings and a reflection guide:


Lenten Newsletter - click here for
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Easter services, including
Covid guidelines.

Lent and Easter Ministry Roster 
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 Rev Fr Timothy E Deeter

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We’re grateful to all those who have asked how they  can support the parish and Fr Tim during this crisis by making direct deposits, or direct debit. Here are details of our parish accounts:

  Parish Account (2nd collection)
  Account name: St Paul’s Parish
  BSB 086 006
  Account number: 66717 2345

  Presbytery Account (1st collection)
  Account name: St Paul’s Parish Presbytery
  BSB 086 006
  Account number: 551882898

  Direct Debit
  Please arrange with your bank to have regular amounts    paid into our accounts above. Use your own name as 
a ‘reference’ it’s easiest.


St Paul's, along with the Ordinariate, Highgate, Joondanna and Glendalough parishes, forms the North Central Parish Hub.  Within this group of parishes we share resources and events.

Personal Advocacy Service 
Our Archdiocese has an agency which assists 
and supports Catholics with intellectual disability. 
This is done by promoting their social, friendship and spiritual development within their parish.  
To find out more, go to: www.paswa.org.au 

 The Personal Ordinariate of 
Our Lady of the Southern Cross